Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dutch Oven Cobbler

This little Jewel started the Briary River Dutch Oven craze.  It has been slightly modified over the years but is still as easy as ever.  You can use fresh or canned filling that is entirely up to you.  We started off with canned then evolved to fresh as we grew the fresh ingredients.

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Dutch Oven  of your choice (we normally use and 8 or 10 inch D.O.)

1-2 Quarts filling, depending on how much you want to make (we grow our own blueberries so we normally use them and a can of crushed pineapple)

1 Cup sugar optional if you use fresh fruit (We normally don’t use sugar for diabetic purposes)

1 Box Duncan Hines yellow cake mix (you can substitute flakey canned biscuits if you like)

1 stick butter

1 Cup chopped pecans

As many good friends and family as you can get around


Fill bottom of D.O. with filling, if using fresh fruit pour sugar on top of fruit and cover that with crushed pineapple if you wish.  Next take the cake mix and pour it dry on top of the filling.  Slice butter into 1/4 inch pats and put on top of the cake mix and sprinkle with pecans.  Heat D.O. to about 350 degrees and let it cook until the crust is golden brown.  While it is cooking share hunting or fishing stories.  That is it  complicated isn’t it. 

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