Monday, May 8, 2017

Quick update on what we are working on

Just figured I would give you guys a quick update on what we are working on.

First up we have the boat.  We are rebuilding it and painting it.  We have done a lot of glass work on it, repairing cracks and breaks, rebuilding the nose and ribs, and putting a fresh coat on the whole bottom side.  Next we have to glass the inside. We painted the outside with a tan bed liner and then we got a Natural Gear stencil from Styx River and we are camouflaging it with the paint kits from Styx River.  The inside will be done the same.
Painting with some of the original showing

The outside painted with base coat

Starting the camo. Natural Gear from Styx River
Finished the Camo on the outside of the boat
Next up we have the decoys.  Even though we started working on them first they have taken a back burner to the boat. Between the mallards, teal, blacks, pintails, and other species we only have about a hundred more to go.  

As you see we are staying very busy so wish us well.