Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buzzard Luck Continues


It seems there is no end to our buzzard luck.  Joe got the tractor running again Thursday.  Friday morning it rained, so we couldn’t get anything done, that’s not a complaint by the way, the rain is a blessing.  Friday afternoon it cleared off, and Tracy was able to get most of Mama’s grass cut.  When he tried to crank the tractor today to finish the grass cutting, it was acting up again.


Joe came to check things out, only to find a new problem, everything seemed dead, not only would the tractor not turn, the starter wouldn’t turn.  We checked things out and sure enough, the starter had gone bad, so now we will have to get a new starter Monday just so we can see what else is wrong with it.  Maybe we will get it going in time to get the corn and garden planted, maybe, we will see.

As for now, it seems the buzzard luck continues, we can’t kill nuthin’, and ain’t nuthin’ dyin.


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