Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buzzard Luck


It seems that we here at Briary River have Buzzard Luck.  We can’t kill nuthin’, and ain’t nuthin’ dyin’.  We decided a while back that we were going to try to grow some corn to feed the deer this fall.  About a month back Tracy and I turned the field and got it ready to plant. 


Now it’s time to plant, the tractor died last week.  Joe and I have tried for the last two days to get it running, well, it hasn’t happened yet.  We replaced a cracked fuel line, but can’t manage to get the lines bled.  diesel engines are a pain in the rear.  I guess tomorrow is another day.  Maybe our luck will change.  I will keep you informed.  If we get the tractor going and the corn planted we will see if it is a greater success than our pond planting experience.

Maybe we can shed this buzzard luck.


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