Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Deer of the year… Or several for that matter.

Well Last week Buckman broke his curse and killed a good 7 point.  Saturday morning I followed suit. 
Its hard to see but there is an 8th point
I really don’t understand it.  I hunt, a lot (or so my wife says) so I don’t understand why I kill so few deer.  Here in SC we have a long hunting season Aug 15 for bow hunters Sept 1 for rifles through Jan 1.  I am in the stand between 1 and 3 times a week and while I will have trail cam pictures of deer I have a hard time seeing anything worth shooting.  But that is why they call it hunting and not killing.
Monday I headed to the stand.  It started out rather uneventful until the weather started up.  At first it was only rain so I did not really care.  The blinds at Briary river are nice and have metal roofs.  Then the lightning came and it got interesting.  Here I am in the middle of a field in something with a metal roof.  The only problem was getting out meant a 200 yard run through water.  I know that wood will conduct electricity but not as good as wet feet.  After the storm passed (sorry Facebook friends, I know you wanted me to get down earlier) I got down and went home. 
My next opportunity came Friday night.  As yall know Buckman is a high school football coach and has games on Friday night.   This gives me exclusive access to the stands.  We had recently moved a stand and the trial cam photos looked promising. 
Before I headed to my stand I heard my neighbor setting his rifle so I decided to check my scope after bumping it a few weeks ago getting into the stand.  I am glad I did because it was way off.  As in 8 inches at 25 yards.  Only problem was that my sister borrows my rifle sometimes and all the extra shells were at my parents house.  After going over there and dialing the rifle in I headed for the stand.  When I arrived there was a nice doe on the corn pile and while I have doe tags we have decided to hold off until November to start shooting does. 
I got into the stand and again it looked pretty uneventful.  I played several games of poker in my phone and then I looked at the corn pile to my left and noticed something in the bushes behind it.  A quick peak with the binos confirmed to be a deer but it was another doe.  While I watched her I noticed that she was acting strange.  Suddenly she walked off like she had somewhere to be.  I knew that she did not wind me but something had her moving out in a hurry.  And that is when it happened.
As many of you know a cold front just moved in to our area.  I have never actually noticed one moving in before, at least not like this.  All of a sudden the cold air began rushing in and hard.  As the cold heavy air rushed in and met the warm air rain started.  And right after the rain started the lightning began.  This all happened in about 3 minuets.  So here I am, second time this week pinned in a stand by lightning.  Needless to say as soon as I felt safe I was out of there.
Saturday morning Buckman and I had planned to meet up and hunt.  I met him at his house at 10 till 6 and we decided where to go.  He had not had a chance to hunt the stand we just moved so I told him to go there and I would go to the field.  When I got the the field I began to feel that it was going to be another uneventful morning.  Not much was moving including the normal birds and squirrels that I normally watch there.  At 7 I was getting very discouraged nothing was happening and the chair was starting to get uncomfortable.  (it is a very comfortable chair the only problem is that when you change positions it makes a lot of noise so I try not to move). 
Then at 7:30 I looked up and here he comes across the field.  One problem, he is not stopping to eat.  He is headed for the group of trees on the other side of the field.  I got the riffle up and on him.  I prefer to make neck shots since I have never had one run with a neck shot.  However that is not a shot you want to make on a moving animal.  Back to the trusty old shoulder it is.  When I shot he bolted.  I could tell that the far front shoulder was broken down but that was all.  Right after he hit the woods I hear a beautiful sound.  The crash.  By the time I could go in and find him Buckman was walking across the field to help me drag him out. 
We carried him to his mamas house and then headed to Hardees for a biscuit.  When we got back we cleaned and quartered him.
I am going to try something new.  I am going to attempt to tan the hide.  So if any of you have any tips tricks or suggestions let me know. 


  1. Oh and the lift on the tractor was out gambrel pole. That is why he was on it.

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