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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Weather is Fine

The past couple weeks the weather has been perfect. The nights have been cool, the mornings brisk, and the day time temperatures have lingered around that point where you wonder if you need something more than a t-shirt. It’s the perfect weather for a sportsman. Deer season opened here September first. With any luck the weather will stay this way. The water temperature will start dropping, the fish will start biting and once again be good to eat. All of this is fine except…. I am a teacher and a football coach. This time of year, this most wonderful time of year for sportsmen, is all consumed by football. Sunday through Friday teaching and coaching eat up my day light hours.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eyes for Perfection

I guess you know by now that I am a football coach. I am the offensive line coach for a Class 1A school here in South Carolina. Being a coach at a small school, you have to wear many hats. I also work with the defensive line. During the week, I help to keep and prepare the grounds. On the sideline I help the head coach direct the running game. I also double as the trainer.