Thursday, February 23, 2017

Busy Busy Busy

     Well as you have noticed again, it is awfully quiet form the Briary River bunch.  This is again because we have more on our plates then we can handle (I thing I am noticing a pattern).  As many of you know, the fall before last we had a 1,000 year flood.  Then this past late summer/ early fall, we had a Hurricane hit us hard.
     Typically Matthew would not have been a major concern for us but with areas still recovering from the flood, and the ground still being wet it reaked havoc.  Trees were down every where.  In fact we spent the day after the storm just clearing roads so people could get around. 
     Not sure if yall know this or not but Buckman and his family are wood people.  They are woodworkers, and Bucky's mama heats with wood.  This means that we can not let wood go to waste.  As of now we have cut and split enough wood for the next 3-5 years of burning for heat and we have hardly touched half of whats on the ground.  Luckily Bernie just got a saw mill so we are going to start cutting for lumber next.  Being that we don't have to cut it into as small of pieces things should start speeding up.  However this means that we have to have somewhere to put the lumber.  So we are going to have to repair the barn from the damage of Matthew. 
     On top of that, while duck hunting this winter we noticed that our decoys looked like crap.  Well unlike most folks this does not mean a trip to the store for more decoys.  No, it meant a trip to the store for paint.  It also meant that we found Bucky's talent for painting decoys and we found out how much we enjoyed doing it.  So now we have a ton of decoys to paint, but I will get into that in a later post of its own and share some pics with yall.
    Also during this time Bucky decided that he wanted a boat.  He had been talking about one for years, but finally decided that he had to have one.  We tracked one down at a good price, and in typical Briary River fashion we have to so a decent amount of work to it.  Don't get me wrong it is structurally sound and the motor runs great but it needs a good deal of work.  This is also the subject of a or several future post.
    And it is planting time again.  We are getting the garden ready to plant.  So between the wood, the decoys, the boat and the garden, we are strung out.  We are about to die to get on the water, but don't have time. 
     So yeah, its a little quiet around here right now.  Hopefully though as soon as we get all this caught up we will have stories to tell and time to tell them.  So...
Until we have time to post again we will be busy at
The Briary River Way

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  1. Good to hear that you have survived from tough circumstances of flood. But feeling pity for the poor victims of the flood.