Monday, August 29, 2016

Getting ready for another year with a few add-ons

Its that time of year again.  Well its actually a little past that time of year but who is counting?  Time to get everything ready for hunting seasons.  Since I am a bow hunter and our season opens August 15th, I have been working on things.  Most of the bushhoging around the stands is done.  Corn has been put out (yeah we can bait here).  New stands have been put up and shooting lanes cut.  And my climber has been found (remembered where I left it while bushhoging).  It looks like it is going to be a great year.  Also as usual with us we are going to try something different.  This year we are going shrimping.

I say we are doing something diffrent, but in reality this is nothing different for me.  I used to go shrimping all the time when I was younger.  When we first started, there was a place in Winyah Bay where we could wade out in the water and catch shrimp.  We would make it sort of a family affair with parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  But as popularity of the area grew they and the riffraff started using the area the limited it to daylight only and we quit going there.  We then moved to using boats.  

It was not quite the family affair then.  It became more of a few cousins, my dad, and myself.  We still did well but people started finding their own hot-spots and going on their own.  My dad got out of it, and my boat messed up.  That was basically the end of shrimping for me.  I went a couple times with Ray when invited but nothing like the old days of multiple times a week. 

Now hopefully all that is changing.  I have a boat, the desire, and I am determined that I'm going shrimping.  It will be nice to get back out on the bays again, to have shrimp when I want it, and enjoy the time fishing and throwing nets.  I feel like a little boy again.  Also i get to introduce the rest of The Briary River Way to something that I grew up doing. 

I will try to keep y'all updated and post some pictures and stories as soon as I can.  But for more immediate and sometimes live action be sure to check us out and like us at  The Briary River Way on Facebook. 


  1. good luck for the new season and you may succeed and do some good hunting out there. I am following you on the blogger as well as Facebook so keep us posted about the adventure.