Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Duck Pond Etiquette

There are rules and etiquette to hunting anywhere.  A beaver pond is no exception.  In fact private land is where they are the most important because it can cost you your hunting buddies


We all know the guy.  The one no one wants to hunt with because he is a pain in

the butt.  He always wants the best blind, he always takes the wrong shots, and he kills every bird he points his gun at (or at least he thinks he does).  Well this is your chance to not be “That Guy”.

Rule # 1

.  Share the hot spots.  If there is a spot in the pond that always gets the best shots don’t try to claim that spot every hunt.  Look we know that you cannot shoot so you need the added chance of sitting in the hot spot but the rest of us are tired of watching you miss.  There are a few ways to get around this rule but you have to be careful with it.  In my case I am the only one who loves putting on the waders and going out into the water.  One of our blinds is only accessible by waders so I get first call on it and the rest have to fight over the spare pair of waders to go with me.

Rule # 2.  No gassing your buddy.  If you are sharing a blind with a buddy be considerate of what you eat the night before.  If onions give you gas don’t eat them.  It is hard enough to shoot something that has more moves than a fighter pilot.  I don’t need to try to do it when my eyes are teared up from the smell.

Rule # 3.  It’s a shot gun not a rifle.  Don’t shoot birds that are four miles away and heading to the other guys.  I know you THINK that your gun can reach out there and touch something but most likely it can not.  All that you are doing is flaring a perfectly good shot for some one else.  Which leads me to number 4

Rule # 4.  Only claim what you kill.  If you do shoot at a bird 4 miles away and so does some one else.  Or if some one else shot the same bird as you and it folded on their shot.  Do not claim the bird.  You might say WE killed that one but do not try to take all the credit. 

Rule # 5.  He may be better than you think.  Don’t insult a mans duck calling, unless you know for sure that it sounds bad and no ducks are responding or running away from it.  You look foolish when you just got through insulting a mans anility to call ducks just to watch that flock of mallards he was calling turn and come back.

Rule # 6.  Just because it is flying does not mean it is a duck.  There have been many tweety birds that have almost bit the dust because they flew by in the heat of the action.  Make sure you know what you are shooting there is no such thing as a grey winged teal (at least it was dove season).  Not to mention the fact that this can get into a legal situation.

Rule # 7.  Trash talk is expected.  If you miss an easy shot, we will laugh at you.  If you fall out of a boat, we will laugh at you.  If you step in a hole over your waders we will laugh at you.  If you fall and bust your butt we will laugh at you.  When we think you may have gotten injured we will check on you but as soon as we know that you are fine, WE WILL LAUGH AT YOU.

Rule # 8.  Be considerate with your injuries.  If you are going to get injured save it for after the hunt and not 5 minutes walk from the truck.  While we realy hope that no one gets injured while duck hunting things happen.  Sticks poke you, things cut you, you take bad falls, just try to save it for a better place an time so I do not have to miss a hunt to tend to your injuries.  Also remember number 8.  After you heal we will laugh at you.

Rule # 9.    Watch the wind.  We have all been there.  You drank too much coffee that morning and you gotta raise the level of the pond a few inches.  Just pay attention to how the wind is blowing.  I know I’m wearing waders, and yes I know that they are water proof, and I don’t care that when I get back into the water it will wash off.  I DO NOT WANT TO WEAR YOUR URINE THE REST OF THE HUNT.

And finally.  If you don’t follow any of the others follow this one.

Rule # 10.   Know when to keep your mouth SHUT.  If while hunting, nature calls in a rough way, and you have to take a squat on the dam, and someone’s dog happens to roll in it.  By all means DO NOT admit to it.  Let us believe that it is dog crap or beaver crap, anything. I just don’t want to know that my dog is covered in YOUR crap.  There is a place and time for honesty and this ain’t it.