Sunday, April 24, 2011

Between Seasons Drag

I noticed a couple weeks ago that the between seasons drag was back. It never fails. We have all kinds of big plans for what needs to be done. After duck season ends Joe is always gung ho about getting everything done right then. After a couple weeks that passion fades and the amount of things getting done slows down. This year it took the slow down a little longer to start. The excitement of starting something new pushed up a little farther than normal.

I wanted to bust the dam around the middle of March. I knew that, if busted in March, the pond would have time to drain and dry out before time to plant in May. But the middle of March wasn’t fast enough for Joe. We had to bust the dam in the middle of February. The pond had to be drained so we could get new blinds put in place before time to plant.

The pond was drained and drying by the middle of March. Joe was satisfied. The work stopped. The rain started. The beavers worked. You get the point. Now the pond has to be drained again, or planting the pond this year will not happen. It seems that everyone is busy when I need help cleaning the dam out. That blind that Joe wanted to put up, you guessed it, that hasn’t happened either.

If it seems like I’m pointing a finger at Joe here, I don’t really mean to. He has time when I’m busy and vice versa. Besides, this time of year is bad for teachers. It seems that the year grinds on you. By April you’re almost ground down to nothing.

Next week is spring break, it will determine if we are able to struggle back into the position we need to be in or not. If we can get the pond down to the point we need next week we will probably get it planted this year. If we don’t have the pond down to the point it can dry out by the end of next week the planting of the pond probably won’t happen this year.

Hopefully we can pull ourselves out of this between seasons drag next week. We need to plant the pond do we can move past that to other things that need to be done.

It seems that there is a shortage of time. It’s hard to get things done the Briary River Way.


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