Friday, March 16, 2012

Been a While


It’s been a while.  I apologize.  I’ve started back in graduate school, and it seems that all my extra time goes into course work.  What little time I have when I’m not at work, or doing school work we continue to work on other projects we have going on. 


We have been getting some rain, which is great.  We are not where we should be yet, but if the Lord will continue to bless us with liquid sunshine it will be great.  Because of the drought this past winter the pond is a mess.  Without water to clear everything out there is no way we can get in there to plant anything for this season without major work, and none of us have that kind of time or the equipment that would be needed, so we will let it sit for now, maybe next year things will be better.

Just because there is nothing we can do in the pond doesn’t mean there is nothing to do.  With grocery prices going up the way they have been we’ve been doing a little gardening.  I started this a couple summers ago.  We expanded last year with the summer garden, this year we planted a winter garden as well.  We have garden peas blossoming.  Potatoes are poking through the ground.  When those two come off there will be a good eating time.  We also have carrots, onions, lettuce, cabbage, and for some reason Joe had to have spinach.  I would say that it looks good, but I have nothing to compare it with, so I don’t know, but everything is growing, so I guess it’s good. 

We’ve also been working on opening up an overgrown part of the field in my farm, already getting things ready for deer season this fall.  We have prepared spots for a couple corn patches, so we’re going to try growing some of our own corn to feed the deer this fall.  It may work great, or it may be just another of our failed experiments.  However, when you’re cooped up inside like Joe and I all day, You have to find an excuse to get outside sometime for sanity’s sake.  Neither of our wives fully understand the need, or maybe they would just rather see us doing something that they deem more productive.  But regardless, they don’t seem to be able to tolerate us when we are pen sick, so they let us go. 

One thing I can say for sure, right, wrong or indifferent, we always seem to find a way to have fun on Briary River, after all, having fun is the Briary River Way!

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  1. Because spinach is good. That is why i wanted to grow spinach.