Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It’s Over, It’s Begun


I’m sure that all five of the loyal readers of The Briary River Way have noticed the absence of the Buckman the past few months. My last few blog attempts have been dismal at best. My last blog was very bleak. Then there was the blog that was written, but never posted (it wasn’t that good anyway). My last attempt at writing a blog was started several times, but I never could quite figure out how to end it, so I just stopped trying. Well, I’m sorry, but football season is a very grueling time for a coach. (I don’t know what Joe’s problem has been!)

This past football season, as aggravating as it was, was a good one for our team. It saw us complete our second straight undefeated regular season. We had a good run in the playoffs in which we earned the first Lower State Championship in school history, but ended with a 20-0 shut out loss in the State Title game. I guess I should be disappointed, but I’m not. The boys played hard all season long, even to the very end of the last game, where they were finally matched against a stronger team.

Now the season of 2011 is over, but the season of 2012 has begun. Yes, the coaching staff is already trying to figure out how we are going to replace the twenty seniors we are loosing, and what changes need to be made in order to give the young bunch we will have next year a chance.

Yes, as much as I despise football for the time it takes out of the rest of my life, I just can’t seem to rid myself of this desire to coach.

Fortunately for me though, this time of the year is not nearly as hectic as game season, so maybe I will get the chance to catch up on some of the hunting I have been missing out on. More about this subject in the blogs to come.

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