Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hunters Responsibilities

When we think about, it as hunters we have many responsibilities.  We have a responsibility to the land, the animals, and nature itself.  How ever I want to talk about another very important responsibility that we rarely talk about.

As many of you know we lost a part of The Briary River Way a couple months ago when Big Mike was tragically taken from us in a car accident.  After the funeral we were talking to his wife about what we could do to help out.  This is when she mentioned that Mike’s daughter wanted to go duck hunting this year. 

Of all the things that had gone threw our minds during this time, this was not one of them.  I never thought about the fact that we had the responsibility to make sure his daughter  had the chance to learn about and enjoy the sport that we love so much. 

Don’t get me wrong, we are all about getting kids into the sport and mentoring them.  However lots of times you don’t think about the ones whose fathers are no longer with us or are unable to do this themselves.  And unless some one comes and ask you, you may never know that it is something they would like to try.

So this year find a kid that would never get the chance to experience our great sport without your help and give them that chance.  Yes there may be a little more work involved for you but in the end it will be well worth it.  For you and for them.  Remember even though it is our responsibility it is also our privilege.


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