Monday, July 4, 2011

Y’all are playing what?

Here at Briary River we try to get together as often as possible to play cards.  Normally during the school year it is every other Saturday night.  However during the summer it could be as often as two or three nights a week since three of us are teachers and the twins sort of have their own business and it is a little slow right now. 

Most of the time we play poker.  However there is no money involved, we are teachers and can not afford that.  Lately with us playing so often we have gotten a little bored with poker so about 2 weeks ago Buckman decided to play spades. 

On the second night of playing spades Casey decided that he had to go to bed(the buzz kill).  So down to 3 men we had to figure something out. 

That was when it happened.  You see Buckman has a 10 year old daughter and had been playing Go Fish with her that day.  I think it was a joke when he first mentioned it but some how we ended up playing go fish.  And later Old Maid.

I know what you are thinking “What kind of guys are they?  A bunch of grown men sitting around playing Go Fish and Old Maid”.  Well we are the type that are having fun.  If you have never played Go Fish with a group of guys then you should try it.  We quickly changed the name of the game to something that I can not say on here, but the game stayed the same. 

It is amazing how much fun we have playing children's games.  Tonight there were several times when we had to pause the game because everyone was laughing to hard to play.  By the way if you don’t shuffle the deck really well after a game of Go Fish it makes the next one very interesting but short.  And when playing Old Maid it helps to keep a straight face when someone draws the old maid. 

The beauty of this is that it can be good clean fun.  And when you get home and your wife asks you what you have been doing, she has a hard time fussing at you.  That is if she believes you.  Also it is very hard to get into an argument about something if everyone is laughing their butts off.

Having fun and killing time between seasons the Briary River Way.

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