Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

We here at Briary River would like to say thank you to our dads and to all the dads out there that are teaching or have taught their children a love for the outdoors.


Driving the tractor with Papa (My dad)


I have many great hunting memories but my fondest hunting memories are hunts with my dad.  He taught me everything I know about deer hunting and at 30 years old I am still learning things from him.  Had it not been for him taking me hunting and fishing I don’t know if I would have the passion for it that I do now.  I only hope that I can instill the passion for the outdoors in my children that he instilled into me.  100_2136

Out door cooking with Buckman, Bernie, Casey and Tracy’s dad.  The one on the left.


I know that when most of you read this it will be after Fathers Day but please, in the comment section share a memory or a story about how your father instilled a love of the outdoors in you.  Even though he may not read it let everyone else know what he did for you and what he means to you.


  1. He took us to the park a LOT. That's being outdoors, right?! My dad taught me how to ride my bike too. Both of my parents let us roam the woods near our house. Hope those things count! :)

  2. My daddy took me hunting and fishing. I was with him when i killed my first deer all though it had gain green and was dying. Just yesterday Joe was talking about a fishing story with daddy and mama and i was there. We had great times growing up in the woods and even now. I just hope my two like it as much as we did Joe. But i also remember some great days in the woods with my big brother. I love the outdoors from my daddy and my brother.

  3. Great blog Joe. Without our fathers very few of us would have been introduced to the great outdoors. The problem in our society today is that there are so many boys without father figures to start them on an outdoor path. That's why it's so important to help put all the kids we can.